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Healthy Diet Alternatives

Welcome to this new informational web series.

We are doing this informational videos to help people and most importantly chronic pain patients to increase their quality of life by learning how salt and sugar affect our diet.

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These are some herbs that are cheap and easy to grow at home, learn more about their properties.

This web series is dedicated to being comprehensive and educational so our patients can recover from chronic pain by building healthy habits rather than just taking their medicines. A nutritional diet is a key ingredient for pain management. 

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– Aromatherapy – Regulates Blood Pressure – Helps with Migraines

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Molokia (Spinach Like)

– Regulates Blood Pressure – Increases Circulation – Improves Digestion

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– Source of Protein – Source of Antioxidants – Anti-inflammatory

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– Source of Vitamins – Source of Antioxidants – Anti-inflammatory